3 Ideas for Building Halloween Buzz at Your Establishment

Halloween Buzz

Halloween Buzz

Get Your Workplace in the Spirit!

America’s third favorite holiday is lurking nearby, but don’t be spooked. Planning Halloween festivities for your establishment doesn’t have to be scary. With so many adults thrilled by gore, ghosts, and goodies, celebrating Halloween is a sneaky way to build business. Here are three ideas for giving customers a shockingly good time this Halloween.

1. Spotlight a Spooky Menu

Serving seasonal food and drinks is a smart move for restaurants, bars, and gaming cafés looking to attract customers around major holidays. Your returning customers will appreciate special items on the menu. A seasonal twist may also inspire new customers to stop in. Around Halloween, spotlight food and drinks that fit the theme. Do you serve a Bloody Mary or Dark and Stormy that’s popular with customers? Add it to a special Halloween menu along with other bestsellers disguised in a temporary name. Transform chicken wings into Bat Wings, call a plate of ribs a Bucket o’ Bones, and turn a brownie topped with gummy worms into Dirt ‘n Worms. Whatever you do, promote your spooky line-up on social media with a photo of the themed menu or items. Note that they’re offered for a limited time to boost excitement. Bone Appétit!

2. Dress Up Your Slots

Make your slots area the centerpiece of the celebration with a few easy touches. First, set the mood with some creepy lighting. Dim the overheads or replace a few bulbs with red ones. Add faux candles, a black light, lanterns, or string lights in purple and orange. Then swap your usual playlist for a Halloween-inspired set of songs or sound effects. Popular music streaming services curate seasonal playlists all year long. You can also create a custom playlist. Just poll your customers on which Halloween hits they want to hear. Finally, place a few pieces of affordable décor around the VGTs, like cobwebs or pumpkins. By dressing up your slots area, you’ll entice new players while adding an element of surprise for regulars.

3. Treat Customers

What’s Halloween without a treat? Give customers a chance to win prizes by hosting a contest. This year, 48% percent of adults plan to wear a costume, so a costume contest is an easy win for your establishment. If you’re stumped on award categories, check out this quirky list from You can set your contest apart from others with categories like “Best Costume Thrown Together in Five Minutes,” “Costume Requiring the Most Explanation,” and “Best ‘What Are You?’ Costume.” Another 45% of Halloween celebrants plan to carve a pumpkin, so a pumpkin contest is another option. For less mess, try pumpkin painting.

Treat customers who play slots with a spirited goodie bag. Include a match play voucher and snack size bag of the favorite candy in your state (find out at You can also include branded swag from local establishments, which is a great way to treat your customers while developing relationships with other businesses.

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