6 Ways to Use the SlotDawg App This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving meal

‘Tis the Season of Giving

Thanksgiving, Drinksgiving, Friendsgiving – you get the picture.

This year, make the most of your holiday festivities with the SlotDawg app! From practical pros to first-time players, we’ve got something to keep everyone in the game this November.

Here are six ways to use SlotDawg this Turkey Day.

1. Black Wednesday, Meet Blackjack

On Thanksgiving Eve (aka Drinksgiving or Black Wednesday), escape the kitchen and reunite with your hometown crew. Remember, you’ll probably be stuck chatting with Aunt Barb on Thursday, so make the most of the evening off while you can. Open up SlotDawg to find local establishments with great gaming, food, and drinks for your pre-Thanksgiving reunion. Save your favorites on the app for quick access to driving directions and hours – ya know, for later.

2. Family Game Night Just Got a Whole Lot Better

Skip the post-pie charades and board games this year. Instead, challenge family and friends to a Turkey Trot on the SlotDawg app.

How many SlotDawg locations can you visit? Keep track by checking in on the app – the winner earns first dibs on leftovers, obviously.

3. Escape (For a While)

Once you get past all the turkey and the stuffing, for many of us, Thanksgiving means one thing and one thing only: family time. And LOTS of it. When you need a little break from the fam this holiday, turn to the SlotDawg app. With a map-based interface that shows you video gaming near you, taking a tiny respite from all that togetherness has never been so easy.

4. Ditch the Black Friday Crowds

Black Friday shopping isn’t the only place you’ll score big this Thanksgiving. Leave those long lines and crowded mall parking lots to someone else this year and use SlotDawg to find a new spot to win big.

5. Get a Jump Start on the Holiday Season

Not a turkey fan? No problem! Get a head start on the holiday season by treating yourself to an early present this November with the SlotDawg app. I mean, they’re already playing Christmas music on the radio, and you deserve it.

6. Kick Back and Relax

Whether you’re all in or lying low, we cordially invite you to kick back on Thanksgiving Day. Search the app for open SlotDawg locations where you can unwind with drinks, slots, and sports.

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