SlotDawg is the easiest way to find slots gaming entertainment near you.

Currently available in four states (and counting!), we help you locate bars and restaurants that have video slot machines while providing engaging in-app content that lets you control your slot machine gaming experience.

With SlotDawg, you can:

  • Search for and find slot games by city or zip code with the Google Maps API
  • Check into video slots locations to earn experience points and coins. Redeem coins for SlotDawg merchandise.
  • Team up with friends in your mission to find the perfect video slot locations using the SlotDawg App
  • Rate and review locations based on criteria like service, food, and slot machines
  • Make a profile with pictures from your phone
  • Win big in the comfort of your favorite restaurants or bars
  • The only slot machine locator / finder you’ll ever need

And more!

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Video Slot Machine Finder App For Iphone and Android Slot Dawg
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Sniff out nearby video slots venues easily with Slotdawg, an easy-to-use app for iOS and Android devices.

Download today and play!

SlotDawg Slot Machine Finder App for iPhones
SlotDawg Slot Machine Finder App for iPhones


  1. Download the SlotDawg app from the device-specific app store
  2. Sign in via Facebook or sign up with your email
  3. Search for video slots nearby by punching in your city or zip into the search bar
  4. Your location will appear as a blue dot, with red pins of locations surrounding you
  5. Double tap the dot to zoom in to tap a pin, which will give you the location offering video slots
  6. Tap the preview to reveal a detailed location profile
  7. Tap ‘Check in’ to check into the location
  8. After visiting, follow the instructions to review the location based on specific criteria
  9. Check out the experience points, badges, awards, and ‘treats’ you’ve earned on your individual SlotDawg profile
  10. Sniff out more slot machines near me!


Get in on the slot machines for fun. Maximize the good times in the palm of your hand.

SlotDawg Slot Machine Finder App for iPhones

Download the App & Find Slots Near You Easier Than Ever Before!

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Awesome app! I didn’t even know my city had video slots!

Robbie Lyons

Finally! An easy way to find video slots near me.

Jake Boedewig

I don’t have to make the long drive to the casino anymore! Thanks, SlotDawg!

Mitch Wegman


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