Most Anticipated New Slots Games for 2022

Sniff Out These Awesome New Games This Year

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Like almost everything that falls under the umbrella of technology, video slot machines improve each year. One of the big reasons for the popularity of video slots is their ability to be far more immersive than traditional slot machines. A big part of this comes from the many fun themes of video slots, often based on TV series/films, musicians, and other pop culture icons.

Each year, the games become more and more compelling. A recent game-changing video slot was an Avatar game, the first of its kind to feature a save feature, allowing individual players to re-access the last spot they left off at in the narrative arc of the game. 2022 may bring equally impressive video slot innovations to delight all types of players.

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Here are some hotly anticipated video slots to keep an eye out for in 2022:

James Bond

New James Bond Slot Games

Fans of the iconic spy have gotten to enjoy everything from dozens of novels and films to several video games. Soon, they will also get to inhabit the exciting world of James Bond while playing video slots. The slot giant Scientific Games made news earlier this year by purchasing the rights to develop several video slots featuring James Bond. The first three slots from the series (Casino Royale, Goldfinger, and Diamonds Are Forever) were unveiled at the 2017 Global Gaming Expo to great fanfare. Players won’t quite get to drive the iconic Aston Martin, but they are sure to love this incarnation of the timeless Agent 007.


New Westworld Slot Games

Aristocrat Technologies has plans to release a new Westworld-themed video slot machine in 2022. Based on the 1973 film and the HBO series that first aired in 2016, the game will surely attract the multiple generations captivated by the story of the Wild West theme park populated by human-like robots where guests can indulge all manners of fantasy. Whether it’s drawing fans of the film, those who discovered the series, or simply players who are intrigued by the concept, this video slot is sure to be a success. Keep an eye out for it; you’re not going to want to miss this one.

Wheel of Fortune 4D

New Wheel of Fortune Slot Games

IGT has had fantastic success with its line of Wheel of Fortune video slots, of which there are currently more than 240. Hoping to capitalize on the slots’ popularity, the company has a 4D update of the game coming soon. This slot is likely to appeal to players of all ages, as the classic game is given impressive visuals. The technology is cutting-edge, as the IGT 4D slot series is the first to boast 3D/4D visuals without requiring 3D glasses. Through the use of gestures, players will be able to manipulate the objects on the screen. Players will also receive tactile feedback from the game without even having to touch the screen, thanks to haptic technology. Track down one of these slots this year and find out if it lives up to its appealing name!

Shark Week

New Shark Week Slot Games

If asked to predict which video slot machine themes would be coming to the market, you probably wouldn’t even consider Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. The unique idea is part of what makes this slot so cool. The dazzling graphics of swimming sea creatures make this slot machine an awesome visual experience. Ideal for playing in small groups, the machines will be arranged in banks of six. Bank-wide bonuses will make for a great interactive experience with fellow gamers. Enjoy Shark Week all year round in 2022–and hopefully hit a big jackpot!

Singin’ in the Rain

New Singin In The Rain Slot Games

Though some video slots use current pop culture themes to draw a younger audience, others target the tried-and-true slots demographic: gamers over the age of fifty. This is perhaps the reason for the Singin’ in the Rain video slot. With a more mechanical style of play to evoke slot machines of decades past, this machine also capitalizes on a very popular classic film to attract older players. The slot features music and clips from the 1952 film, making for a great experience for any musical fans. Take a trip back to Old Hollywood this year at your local slots venue!

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