How to Attract Serious Slots Players

How to Attract Serious Slots Players

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Attracting Serious Slot Players to Your Location

Are you looking to boost gaming revenue at your establishment? You need to attract serious slots players. But think twice before betting on a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s according to a 2012 study of people’s motivations for playing slots. In the study, researchers from three U.S. universities surveyed more than 1,000 people who frequently play slots. The results revealed four types of players, and each demands a different experience. To help increase your gaming revenue, lay odds on attracting all of them. Here’s how!

Utilitarian Players

Utilitarian players like slots for passing time. Researchers learned that, unlike others, this type of player would pass on gaming for financial rewards or excitement. They play to beat boredom. You can make your establishment the obvious choice for utilitarian players by publicizing the slots. An easy way is to install exterior signage. With options for every budget – from portable to vinyl banners and window graphics – exterior signage can attract people who pass your business while searching for something to do. The researchers also found that most utilitarian players are age 65 and up. Think about adding a senior discount night to your weekly events calendar. Or serve up a one-time deal on or around National Senior Citizens Day, which takes place every year on August 21.

Excitement Players

Excitement players chase the thrill of the win. They play to have fun, and having fun means winning – a lot. The study showed that this type prefers more frequent, smaller payouts because they up the excitement. Talk to your TO about adjusting your slots’ payout. Or, if you haven’t maxed out your five permitted machines (as the state of IL allows), think about adding another machine to your establishment to stay competitive. Video slots technology continues to evolve, creating player experiences that are more immersive and more engaging. As an alternative to changing to your machines, offer play incentives. Excitement players may see them as another way to win. Discount vouchers, reward cards, and coupons for complimentary food and drink are easy to implement and add value.

Relaxation Players

Relaxation players are educated, affluent, and want to kick back. Researchers found that with money to spend, relaxation players like slots because they’re fun and social. Earn buy-in from this type of player with a laid back, friendly atmosphere. Get to know your relaxation players by name. Create new social ties by introducing them to other patrons. Position your slots near the main action. In the slots area, encourage conversation by arranging the video gaming terminals in a half circle. Turn the music down a notch, and ask the servers to visit frequently.

Multipurpose Players

Multipurpose players want it all, according to the study. These typically young, single players are out to win and have a good time. By making moves to attract utilitarian, excitement, and relaxation players, you’ll naturally attract multipurpose players too. What sets these players apart is that they go for themed games. In the study, slots players who liked themed games preferred game show and action movie themes. So, add a themed game to your VGT line-up. You can also hook multipurpose players with a themed event after one of your slots. Go tropical for a beach game with a signature rum cocktail, tiki hut bar, and steel drum music.


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