Benefits of Adding Slot Terminals to Your Location

Learn Why So Many Bars and Taverns Are Adding Slots!

Adding Slot Terminals

As a bar or tavern owner in Illinois, you may be well aware of the video slots craze that’s been sweeping through the state for the last several years. This certainly shows no sign of stopping, as each week more and more venues add slot terminals. You may be wondering, what’s going on? Once you read these reasons, you’ll see why it’s no coincidence so many establishments are installing slot terminals!

Increased Foot Traffic

It’s pretty clear that when an establishment has positive features, customers will be more interested in going there. And, since statistics clearly show that vast numbers of Illinois residents enjoy playing video slots, adding video slot terminals to your location should draw in more customers. At first, you should benefit from increased foot traffic after installing slot terminals, since people will be curious to sample the new games. Word will spread as time passes, and gamers will show up eager to play your machines. Ideally, many of them will like your slots enough to come back again and again!

Regular Customers

With slots at your location – along with other positive attributes – you can quite easily attract many regular customers. Some gamers are interested in playing the slots nearly every day, while others may play multiple times a week or month. By catering to these patrons the best you can, you can all but guarantee a steady stream of revenue. And when players frequent your business, the word quickly spreads to others who are also interested in playing slots regularly. Frequent slot players may also discover they love the food or drinks you offer at your location, making them even more valuable to your business.


Once you have slot terminals in your location, you can host all kinds of events that bring in both slot players and other patrons. With slots in the equation, you can hold unrelated events (such as themed nights, activities, and food/drink specials) in which some of the customers will likely play slots. Similarly, you can hold slot-related events (like parties centered around themes from popular slot games) in which the slot players will play the games and make food/drink purchases at your establishment. Overall, it’s a win-win situation!

Additional Revenue

This is what entices many businesses to add slot terminals to their locations. Slot terminals don’t just sit in the corner of your venue looking pretty: they make you money. As customers collectively deposit money into the machines, they will make some of it back in the form of winnings. The remaining proceeds are split between the state of Illinois, the terminals’ operator, and your location! Your cut of the action is 35% of the money after accounting for winnings.

Believe us: that 35% is nothing to scoff at. Across Illinois, gamers collectively wager billions of dollars each year at video gaming terminals. If your location is successful in drawing lots of customers to play your slots, you will be looking at some serious monthly revenue. Many struggling businesses are able to comfortably stay afloat now that they have slot terminals. Meanwhile, already-thriving businesses are even more in the green after adding slot terminals!

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