Build Buzz Around Slots with Giveaway & Promotion Ideas

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You get the perks of slots. Do your customers?

With today’s video gaming terminals there’s no limit to entertainment. They reward players with a thrilling experience and a chance to win big. So, build more buzz around the slot machines at your establishment. Here’s a roundup of ideas for giveaways and slot machine promotions to help attract potential gamers and entice them to play.

Partner with a local business on an event that opens your doors to potential gamers.

New customers are potential gamers. To get them in the doors of your establishment, host an event with a business near you. Get started by creating a list of businesses you want to partner with. Think about ones that will benefit from teaming up. They probably offer products/services that complement yours or have a similar clientele.

Next, brainstorm event ideas. For each one, get clear on what’s in it for your partner. The event should be mutually beneficial. Look at these types of events:

  • Exclusive: Can you put on something exclusive for your partner? Waive the rental fee for a company’s networking happy hour or host a release party for a local musician.
  • Seasonal: Does a seasonal approach complement your partner’s products/services? Celebrate the Indy 500 with an auto repair shop or host an ugly holiday sweater party with a resale boutique.
  • Milestone: Team up to celebrate a milestone, like your town’s anniversary. You can provide the space and your partner can supply giveaways for partygoers.

Now, reach out to the businesses. Get buy-in by highlighting how the event will benefit their bottom line. Once you’ve agreed on an event, talk about how you and your partner will promote it. Finally, get ready to meet your new potential slots players!

Put your slots in the spotlight with an event themed after your most popular game.

Which game keeps your slots players coming back? Bring it to life with a themed party. If an under-the-sea game is a hit, go tropical. Offer a signature cocktail, transform the bar into a tiki hut and turn up the Caribbean tunes. For a pirate-themed game, add eye patches and a mini treasure hunt around your establishment. Whichever theme you choose, offer the first customers who arrive (say, 10) one free spin on the game.

Get patrons playing by adding a slot machine to your next game night.

Do you host a weekly trivia night? Next time, make it a full-on game night. Add a boozy spelling bee, board games, corn hole and – you guessed it – a round of slots on the house. You can raise the stakes by organizing game night like the Olympics. Customers enter the competition in teams and battle it out in every game. Hold the event on a single evening or over a few weeks to keep customers returning.

Encourage more play by holding a month-long giveaway.

Giveaways excite gamers by upping the odds of winning. They may hit the jackpot or head home with an awesome prize. Make sure to choose a prize that resonates with customers. Would they appreciate a gas card, a movie night bundle or something else?

Pick a timeframe for the giveaway. On each day of the giveaway period, hand a ticket to every customer that plays your slots. Customers up their odds of winning with each day they play. Entice play by displaying the prize in a prominent (and secure) location. On the last day, combine all the tickets and randomly pick one to determine the giveaway winner.

Reward your gamers with freebies and specials.

For the ongoing gaming promotion of your slots, recognize gamers with something extra. Specials like drink discounts, reward cards, and complimentary appetizers will make your gamers feel important. You can target different segments of your clientele by reserving extras from time-to-time. For example, hold a rewards night just for medical professionals, customers over the age of 65 or even couples.

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