Content Marketing

At SlotDawg, we don’t just think of ourselves as video gaming industry professionals, but as forward-thinking marketers and brand ambassadors.

There’s a better way to connect with the modern consumer that actually uses traditional concepts: content marketing.

Content marketing involves distributing relevant and consistent content that adds value to your customers’ experience with your brand. Good content is not just engaging, but delights your readers and lets them know that even if they aren’t your customers yet, you respect their time and needs for when they are ready for you. Whether it’s via blog posts, social media posts, app technology, or email marketing, content should be part of all forms of your marketing, including SEO, PR, and PPC. Search engines “reward” businesses for producing quality, original, and specific content to readers. This could mean more eyes on your business – and video slot machines – daily!

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Content marketing has also been shown to help your bottom line:

  • Cost savings
  • Increased sales
  • Better customers with better loyalty to your brand

SlotDawg aims to increase the lifetime value of your gamers by decreasing the costs of attracting, selling, and delighting gamers. Helping you develop and deliver content that enhances your gamer experience even before they step foot in your location is a cost-effective solution with boundless potential.

Start informing and engaging your customers with content marketing services from SlotDawg. Are you a terminal operator? Get started to take your establishment to the next level.

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