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How to Differentiate Yourself from Other Slots Locations

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How to Differentiate Yourself from Other Slots Locations

With thousands of slots locations, there’s no guarantee that players will bet on yours. So, how can you differentiate yourself from others? Discover what you already do well. Here’s how to attract and retain more slots players by uncovering and promoting the ways your location stands out.

Discover Your Differentiators.

With a little research, you can discover – and then play up – how your establishment already appeals to slots players.

Method 1: Compare Competitors

One way to discover your differentiators is by comparing your offerings with slots locations near you. To find them, go to SlotDawg’s map and enter your address in the search bar. Click the red pins on the map to see basic details about nearby locations. Now, dig into their strategies for attracting and retaining slots players. Look at their websites, follow their social media accounts, and subscribe to their email lists. Your research may show that other locations offer a large variety of games, frequently publicize their slots, or put on regular events for players. Make a list of your findings and then compare your offerings with it. What do you provide that other slots locations don’t? These are your differentiators.

Method 2: Survey Players

Another way to learn how your slots location stands out is to ask your players. Inquire in person or create a survey (email or paper), and offer an incentive for players to complete it. Either way, keep it brief. One question will do, like “Why do you play slots here?” Be sure to ask new and returning players. While frequent players can tell you why they keep coming back, new players can tell you what attracts first-time visitors. Surveying players is a valuable way to collect feedback, too. Consider asking what your establishment can do better for slots players. You may find that adding pay-per-view events or an exclusive server for the slots area could help attract and retain more players. Whatever the suggestion, deliver excellent customer service with a prompt response.

A tip: If your location Facebook page/Messenger is one of your primary arms customer service, consider consistently monitoring it! It may reveal challenges you never knew existed for your customer and spark new solutions or offerings that add value to your location.

Promote Your Differentiators.

Thanks to some research, you’re clear on why your location appeals to slots players. Now, tell everyone! Highlight your differentiators by promoting them, starting with staff. Tell staff members what you learned, so they can focus on consistently delivering in these areas. Next, tell customers. Your team can help with this by casually highlighting differentiators in conversation. For example, a bartender might say to a new slots player, “We have a dedicated server for the slots area, so no need to stop at the bar for your next order.” You can also highlight what sets you apart on posters, table signs, outdoor signage, your website, and social media channels. Let’s say that your differentiator is showing pay-per-view events. Create a schedule of all the events you will televise for the next year. Then, print the calendar for each table and publish it on the events page of your website. By calling attention to your differentiators among staff and customers, you can deliver more of what attracts slots players to your location.

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