Digital Marketing

There’s nothing more valuable than interacting with a potential or current customer face-to-face.

This has become particularly tricky in a progressively digital landscape where the average American checks their phone 80 times per day. How do we keep the human connection with our customers alive? How do we get them off their phones and into our locations to develop real friendships with real people? The answer may or may not surprise you: digital marketing.

Get Seen  + Get Customers

In order to attract new gamers to your location to play your slots, you have to meet them where they are; which, nowadays, is more often than not, online. Digital marketing utilizes digital channels – social media, email marketing, mobile, display advertising, etc. – to tell and deliver the message of SlotDawg better, faster, and stronger. Advertise your location with targeted ads to relevant people in your area. Share SlotDawg content to businesses and individuals that stirs up excitement about video slot gaming. Keep current and prospective customers in the loop about your latest promotion or event with engaging email campaigns. Are you a terminal operator? SlotDawg is your partner, arming you with a feasible digital marketing strategy designed to bring more gamers and turn them into loyal customers.

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