What is SlotDawg?

SlotDawg is the easiest way to find slots near you! Let us help you locate the nearest bars, restaurants, gaming cafes, or Casinos that have the hottest slots while providing engaging in-app content that lets you control your experience.

So, I downloaded the app. Now what?

There are many different and exciting things you are able to do on the app. To name a few:

  1. Rate and review locations based on criteria like service, food, and slots
  2. Search for slots by city or zip code with the Google Maps API
  3. Check into video slots locations to earn experience points and coins. Redeem coins for SlotDawg merchandise!
  4. Win big in the comfort of your favorite restaurants or bars
  5. And much more!

How does the app work?


  1. Find video slots and play.
  2. Earn rewards.
  3. Gain points.
  4. Advance levels and unlock new features.
  5. Repeat!

Does SlotDawg cost anything?

Best part about the app — it is completely free! So, what is stopping you from joining and telling your friends about it?

You didn’t answer my question. How can I get more information?

Head on over to our contact page and write us a message.