Five Types of Slot Players You’ll Encounter

Which Type of Slot Player Is Your Favorite?

Types of slot players

As the owner of a bar or tavern, chances are you probably encounter some interesting people on a regular basis. If you make the wise decision to add video slot machines to your establishment, you’ll see even more people flooding in to play them. When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, the more you know, the better. Based on our experience, here are five types of slots players you’ll likely see at your establishment.

The Chill Gamer

For plenty of players, winning money is a perk rather than an objective of the game. These players might not be playing your slots frequently, but they often have deep pockets and are not especially concerned with losing money. Fortunately for you, this appears to be quite a large group of slot players. Their main objective is to pass the time, enjoy the games, and relieve stress. By simply providing a comfortable, relaxing environment for them to play, you won’t have trouble drawing these players in and making them want to return.

The Jackpot Seeker

For plenty of video slot players, the thrill of the game is what keeps them coming back. They’re driven by the allure of a big payday! Now, they don’t necessarily expect to win every time, but the thought of hitting a jackpot is never very far out of mind. This type of player savors the buzz and excitement of slots gaming. If you’re able to provide good service to these customers, they will often stay for hours at a time.

The Social Gamer

You’ll find that some video slot players prefer to play with a group of friends. They have a great time trying out the different games and competing with their friends. These are some of the most profitable players to target, since repeat visits might bring in many additional players in the form of their friends or relatives. Their idea of fun is to come in on the weekend, buy some drinks, and enjoy playing the different slot machines.

The Reasonable Player

These are the players who aren’t going to spend more than they planned. They likely play the slots every once in a while for fun and won’t typically play for hours in the hopes of winning a jackpot. This type of player is interested in the payout ratios and odds of various slots. They typically won’t be your most profitable customer, but keeping them happy can mean they’ll stop by your bar rather than another one when they’re in the mood to play.

The Frequent Flyer

Some players are dedicated to slots. It’s easy to see why this class of gamers would be very valuable to your business. They eat, drink, breathe, and play slots (preferably all under your roof). If you offer delicious food, a strong drink menu, and an inviting atmosphere in addition to your slots, you’re in a good position to retain your frequent flyer players. This can be crucial, as some gamers like to play multiple times a week or even daily.

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