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You downloaded the SlotDawg app.

Now what?

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Maps of Casino locations on SlotDawg

You’re officially a SlotDawg, and that means it’s time to dig in!

The SlotDawg app combines entertainment with useful information to make finding nearby video slots easier and more amusing.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Find video slots and play.
  2. Earn rewards.
  3. Gain points.
  4. Advance levels and unlock new features.
  5. Repeat!

Now that you’ve created an account on the app, follow this guide to start playing.

SlotDawg App Guide

SlotDawg favorite locations

Save Your Favorite Locations.

The favorite locations list provides easy access to information about the SlotDawg locations you love. Here’s how to add a favorite:

  1. Tap the paw icon.
  2. Enter the location name in the search bar.
  3. Tap the pin that appears on the map.
  4. Tap the heart icon.


SlotDawg dashboard

Meet the Dashboard.

The Dashboard is the app’s homepage and summarizes your account information, activity, and rewards.

Blogs on SlotDawg

Read blogs.

The top of the Dashboard features recent posts on the SlotDawg blog, which highlights video slots locations, app news, and the gaming trends. Swipe to scroll through the posts. To read a post, tap it. You can earn 100 Experience Points for reading a blog post and 50 for sharing it on social media.

SlotDawg track rewards screen

View a snapshot of your user profile.

The profile snapshot provides a glance at your account information (name, photo, location) and rewards. To view your expanded profile, tap the profile icon.

SlotDawg App dashboard

Track Your Information and Rewards.

The expanded user profile gives a detailed view of your account information and tracks your rewards.

SlotDawg edit profile screen

Edit profile information.

Tap the pencil icon to edit your username, contact information, and profile photo. In the edit section, you can also connect your profile to Facebook, which makes it easy to share content from the app.

SlotDawg Edit Profile Screen

Refer a friend.

Referring friends to create accounts on the app earns Experience Points and Coins. Tap the referral icon and tap Submit.

Three Referral Options:

  1. Text message
  2. Email address
  3. Facebook messenger
SlotDawg rewards level

Level: Your current Level displays under your name. Advance Levels by collecting Experience Points.

Experience Points: The app tracks the amount of Experience Points you’ve collected and the total needed to advance a Level.

Coins: The Coins count shows the number of coins you’ve collected to shop in the SlotDawg store, unlocked at Level 2.

Badges: The Badge count displays the number of Badges you’ve earned. Tap the icon to view the available Badges and which ones you have.

Doghouse: The Doghouse counter shows the number of locations where you’ve checked in. Tap the icon to see a list of the locations.

Awards: View how many awards you’ve earned next to the Awards icon. Tap it to view the available Awards and which ones you have.

Treats: View and redeem the specials/discounts offered by locations on your favorites list.

SlotDawg messages

Receive Messages.

Notifications from the SlotDawg team appear in your inbox.

Casino locations on SlotDawg

Find Video Slots Locations.

This is where the action happens! Wherever you’re located at the moment or plan to be later, the app will show the closest video slots locations. Our extensive directory of locations updates in real-time, so you’re always receiving correct information. Here’s how to find video slots locations:

  1. Tap the paw to open the searchable directory. On the map screen, the large paw pin marks your location. The map automatically displays all video slots locations within 20 miles.
  2. At the top of the screen, search for locations by venue name, city, state, and zip code.
  3. View search results on the map. Small pins mark the locations. Tap “list view” to see a list of all locations near you or the city/zip code you searched for.
Maps of Casino locations on SlotDawg

Get Location Details.

Every location in the directory has a profile with useful information. To view a location’s profile, tap its pin on the map. Here’s what you can do with the snapshot profile that appears:

  • See hours, phone number, and address.
  • Quickly get driving directions through your default map app.
  • Check in to the location.
  • Write a review about the location.
  • See a summary of reviews from SlotDawgs. The snapshot profile displays a star rating and icons that represent high scores in categories like service, food, and slots quality.

Tap the “i” icon for more details, like full user reviews and upcoming events.

Glossary of SlotDawg App Features


The four stages of the app that unlock exclusive new powers:

Level Up

Level 1: Puppy

Earn Badges, Favorite Locations, Check-in to Locations, Achieve Awards, View Treats

Level 2: House Broken

Redeem Treats, Play Games

Level 3: Top Dawg

Shop SlotDawg Merchandise, Take Quests

Level 4: Best In Show

Earn a Free T-Shirt

SlotDawg on three iPhone screens

Experience Points

The points that advance players to the next Level. Collect Experience Points by achieving certain actions, like checking-in to a location, writing a review for a location, or reading SlotDawg blogs. You can also collect Experience Points by obtaining Badges and Awards.


The currency used to shop for merchandise in the virtual SlotDawg store, unlocked at Level 3. Collect Coins by achieving certain actions on the app, like advancing Levels and referring friends.


A reward earned by checking-in to locations, creating an account on the app, and connecting your account to Facebook. Obtaining Badges earns Experience Points.


The section that stores all the locations where you’ve checked-in.


A reward earned by achieving milestones, like checking-in to locations 100 times. Obtaining Awards earns Experience Points.


A special, limited time offer from locations that you’ve favorited. You can view Treats at Level 1. At Level 2, you can redeem each Treat once on your device.


A mission completed to earn rewards, unlocked at Level 3. Appears on the dashboard when active