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How Playing The Slots Is Like Chasing the Gold Medal

Play Like A Champion!

Playing Slots Gold Medal

Between the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang and video slot gaming growing exponentially throughout Illinois, we’re in a victorious mood. Although it’s not exactly the same thing, we can’t help but notice some parallels between standing on the podium and winning big at the slots.

You’re not on your home turf

Oftentimes, you find yourself playing video slots outside your usual radius. We can all agree it’s fun to wander to other venues to get a feel for something different. Along with the new options for food, live music, and slots games, playing in a new atmosphere makes it easy to meet new people – and potential challengers for another game! With SlotDawg, you can find thousands of locations statewide to try your luck and make more memories seeking the thrill of the win.

You feel the rush of the game

Video slot terminals provide games that fully immerse gamers into themed play. Each game is made with exciting twists and turns, characters, and varying objectives that keep players on their toes. Half the fun of winning at the slots is trying out the variety of games available to users. There’s one for every kind of gamer and his or her individual preferences. From Dragon’s Temple, Black Widow, and Wild Mermaid to Raging Wild, Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania, and Icarus the Journey, it’s hard not to find something your whole group will enjoy!

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There’s a lot at stake

If you play video slot games frequently, you know that once you get started, the pressure starts to mount. You’ve come this far; you have to see it through to get the return. Bragging rights are on the line. There are no guarantees, with only a select number of winning coupons available. Will you be the next big winner?

There’s real competition

Video slot terminals are networked together so that the players are actually competing against each other, resembling popular video games that allow gamers to create characters, select teams, and engage in rounds of play. This “pool play” is reminiscent of Olympic competition: the top competitors are selected by prelim rounds, with the winners of each round competing against each other in a final round.

You can celebrate with family & friends

After you’ve tried and tried again, you could finally relish in triumph. The cherry on top? You could walk away with real wins! It might not be a gold medal, but it’s still a big deal! Whether that’s the night’s tab or something more significant is up to you! Another option is to put your winnings towards your travel fund to take you and friends/family on a “bucket list” adventure. Pyeongchang probably isn’t the first destination on your list, but a good win can help get you one step closer to your desired spot.

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