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Illinois Slots Are Opening Back Up

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It’s been a long three months, but video gaming is finally coming back in Illinois. We know you are excited to visit your favorite establishment, catch up with friends, and spin the reels. There are a few changes though to video slots in our “new normal” and we want you to be prepared when you arrive at your local bar or parlor.

What’s new?

Before you can take your seat at your lucky machine, you will need to check in with the Gaming Attendant. The Gaming Attendant will ensure that machines are sanitized in between players and that anyone in the gaming area is following the guidelines. There should be a sign at the entry to the gaming area, and one on each machine reminding you to check-in before sitting down to play. You will need to wear a mask at all times while in the gaming area.

The layout of the gaming area will likely have a different look as well. In order to have their games turned on by the Illinois Gaming Board, each licensed establishment had to ensure that their gaming area meets certain social distancing rules. The video slots will either be moved so that they are 6’ apart or a clear partition must be placed between each cabinet. If neither of these conditions could be met before the opening date, the location could opt to have only some of the games turned on in order to create a space of 6’ between players.

How can I help?

This is a new transition for terminal operators, licensed establishments, and players, so please be patient. Stay home if you are sick, wear your mask, wash and sanitize your hands often, follow the local guidelines, and observe social distancing etiquette. Everyone is happy to be getting out of the house, and while there may be some bumps in the road as we all adjust, if you roll with it things will be running smoothly again in no time.

Oh yeah!

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