SlotDawg Slot Machine Finder App for iPhones

Keep app-users up to date with the latest software and games available on your  slot machines!

Through the SlotDawg app, allow users to see your game information, graphics, and updates– plus send push notifications to raise awareness on new features.

  • Able to list all their game information
  • Unlimited updates
  • Get more players in your seats
  • 10 push notifications per year
  • Increase player time on the device

Experience Points

The points that advance players to the next Level. Collect Experience Points by achieving certain actions, like checking-in to a location, writing a review for a location, or reading SlotDawg blogs. You can also collect Experience Points by obtaining Badges and Awards.


The currency used to shop for merchandise in the virtual SlotDawg store, unlocked at Level 3. Collect Coins by achieving certain actions on the app, like advancing Levels and referring friends.


A reward earned by checking-in to locations, creating an account on the app, and connecting your account to Facebook. Obtaining Badges earns Experience Points.


The section that stores all the locations where you’ve checked-in.


A reward earned by achieving milestones, like checking-in to locations 100 times. Obtaining Awards earns Experience Points.


A special, limited time offer from locations that you’ve favorited. You can view Treats at Level 1. At Level 2, you can redeem each Treat once on your device.