Media Buying

Media buying is a traditional marketing method that raises brand awareness, delivers information, and inspires future transactions by acquiring media slots on TV, radio, and in newspapers. It won’t quite be the Superbowl (although, you never know!), but our team will work just as hard to get your name seen by the right people and through the right mediums.

We engage in the three standard stages of media buying: Networking, Investigation, and Negotiation.

We develop relationships with channel owners and get to know the right people for airtime.

We assist you in finding the most appropriate venues and channels for distribution by purveying current media trends and translating information into valuable insights for clients.

The SlotDawg team will work its hardest to find the best deals get you fair prices. We also know it’s not just about accepting great opportunities for exposure, but knowing when to say no to opportunities that, in contrast, would not be beneficial for your business or brand.

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