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How Your Location Can Prepare for “Drinksgiving”

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‘Tis the season of giving: Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving, Drinksgiving! Like Black Friday, the night before Thanksgiving is an extension of America’s second favorite holiday. Drinksgiving is a big day for businesses. Thousands of people stop in local bars to enjoy an extra night off, reunite with friends, and escape the kitchen. Are you ready for the rush? Here are six tips for putting on a profitable Drinksgiving at your location. Cheers!

1. Embrace the holiday.

Make Thanksgiving the centerpiece of your Drinksgiving festivities. Offer themed cocktails: a pumpkin pie martini, spiked cider, or a special on Wild Turkey Bourbon. Feeling generous? Set a few specials at college-town prices to attract undergrads home from school. Incorporate leaves, pinecones, and pumpkins in the décor. You can also set out fall-themed photo booth props for customers to use in photos. As a final touch, provide seasonal snacks. Customers will eat up classics like caramel corn, crunchy brittle, and trail mix.

2. Perform a clean sweep.

Keep patrons safe with a deep clean of your location. Pay extra attention to the area around the bathrooms and exits. It should be tidy and clear of obstructions. If you’re expecting a crowd, rearrange tables to create more standing room. Also, restock supplies that move fast with a large group, including toilet paper, hand soap, paper towels, and trash bags.

3. Stack the staff.

Who’s on duty for Drinksgiving? Check, double-check, and triple-check your schedule of hosts, servers, and bartenders, so you’re not short-handed. For uninterrupted gaming, consider assigning a staff member to the gaming area. They can help customers get started on the machines, answer questions, and keep the area clean. If you plan to serve food, equip your kitchen with plenty of staff and supplies.

4. Decide on the entertainment line-up.

Does your establishment have a jukebox? Televisions? Pool tables? Whatever entertainment you’re dishing up, check that it’s in working order. You can also provide temporary fun, like cornhole or a mini bowling game. On Drinksgiving, point groups on a bar crawl to the SlotDawg app to find nearby locations with gaming. However you entertain, make sure customers have a good pluckin’ time.

5. Be generous with water.

With no work the next day, there’s a chance customers will go for an extra drink or two. Help them stay hydrated by putting water within reach. Place a pitcher on every table and keep up with refills. Serve every first round with glasses of water, too. If your locality doesn’t consider them hazardous, station self-serve water jugs around your establishment for on-demand hydration.

6. Above all, be safe!

You play an essential role in safeguarding your customers. Consider hiring security staff to watch for and de-escalate any trouble. We also suggest consulting local laws to determine the duty of care you owe intoxicated patrons when they’re in your establishment and when they’re departing. Uber and Lyft offer event codes that customers can use to take a ride home on your tab.

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