SEO Services Kick You Up a Notch

Your site is where your first interactions with potential customers take place.

It’s where visitors acquaint themselves with you before coming in and decide whether or not they’re interested. With traditional marketing concepts focused on pushing your message outbound, how are you enticing people inbound?

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – is a non-intrusive method of improving your site’s ranking in Google’s search engine so customers find you based on search criteria. There’s a saying in SEO: If you’re going to hide a dead body, hide it on page two of Google results. (Because no one ever looks beyond the first page of results). On top of that, Google changes its search engine algorithm regularly to ensure fair commercial activity. SlotDawg’s team is up-to-date on major reboots to the Google algorithm to consistently improve your site with targeted keywords, relevant content, and other technological implementations that will enable users to find your site quicker and easier.

The critical ingredient to truly artisanal SEO strategies: keyword research. Keywords are the actual search terms people are using to narrow the field and find what they’re looking for in a specified. We explore trends and keywords in your industry and geographical area to identify more areas of opportunity to connect with potential customers. Through research, we’re able to obtain when and where these search terms come from and how often they’re searched. This helps us create and add more relevant content to lead more people to your site or landing pages organically. Because, as with artisanal foods, SEO is most effective (or ‘healthy,’ if you will) when it’s organic.

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