What Your Thanksgiving Drink of Choice Says About You

Thanksgiving drink

Thanksgiving. We’re all familiar with the yearly symbols: pumpkins, turkeys, Uncle Terry screaming at the football game on TV. Though Thanksgiving is primarily associated with a huge meal, it’s important to not forget about the drinks. Fall is a great time for many different types of drinks that complement the spread of turkey, stuffing, and green bean casserole. Like many things in life, you can often tell a lot about someone based on what they’re drinking.

Apple Cider

Thanksgiving drink

If a nice glass of apple cider is sitting by your Thanksgiving plate, you’re probably the orchestrator of your family’s Thanksgiving. You relish traditions and are delighted to take the reins in making most of the food. Chances are your family is shocked by how much you decorate for the holiday and how incredible your turkey tastes.


Thanksgiving drink

If you’re drinking whiskey at Thanksgiving, you’re probably the life of the party, whether you know it or not. You’ve always been a bit of a rule-breaker and you’re not afraid to speak your mind. You’re the family joker, cracking up everyone at the table.


Thanksgiving drink

If you’re drinking water on Thanksgiving, you just might be your family’s resident health nut. You’re silently critiquing everyone’s food choices as you have a salad on your plate and just a little sliver of turkey. Water’s zero calories and hydration benefit make it a perfect companion for every meal. After your Thanksgiving meal, you probably excuse yourself to run a few laps around the house.

Cranberry Juice

Thanksgiving drink

Drinking cranberry juice this Thanksgiving? You’re probably the sweetheart of your family. You’re the person who goes around and asks everyone if they need a second helping of stuffing or a refill of their drink. You love hearing all about your relatives’ lives, whether it’s school, work, or relationships. Whenever people have issues, they know they can talk to you.


Thanksgiving drink

If beer is your drink of choice this Thanksgiving, you might be a secret admirer of the holiday. You’re afraid to openly discuss your love of Thanksgiving with your family, but your heart glows for all things Thanksgiving. Your family might even notice how you’re grinning more than usual. You love it all: the feast, the football games, family time. Slamming beers is your way of deflecting suspicion that Thanksgiving is the holiday you look forward to most every year.

Thanksgiving-themed Drink

Thanksgiving drink

If you’re rocking the pumpkin- and maple-themed drink, you’re probably the Thanksgiving lover of your family. This is especially true if you’re unironically wearing an ugly sweater featuring a turkey in a pilgrim hat. As your family is chowing down, you’re regaling them with facts about Thanksgiving’s history and how the holiday’s traditions have evolved over time. Also, you’ve got that one dessert that everyone drools over. After a couple years of mostly untouched desserts, your culinary rivals have accepted that your pumpkin pie is going to be the dessert everyone wants.

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