Valentine’s Day for Slots Lovers

Looking for a unique way to spend your Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day

Each year, Valentine’s Day is a source of anxiety for many people in relationships. It’s no fun to do the same thing every year. But it can also be hard to think of new, original ways to spend the holiday. Tired of the same boring routine and eager to switch things up this year? We suggest slot-hopping! For those of you who love bar-hopping, slot-hopping is just as fun — and there’s potential to win back all your date-night money if you’re lucky!

What do you need to slot-hop? All it takes is a smartphone equipped with the Slotdawg app, some money to play, a mode of transportation, and (ideally) your partner to share the evening with!

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Where to go

Now that video slot machines are in so many bars, restaurants, and other venues, you can customize your night to be as tried and true or as adventurous and new as you’d like! Hit several spots you haven’t been before, or, if you prefer familiar options, drop by several of your favorite spots.

By the end of the night, you will have made it to several fun establishments and, with some luck, made some money at the video slots! Either way, Valentine’s Day is all about enjoying the time you spend with your partner.

What to play

With so many awesome video slot games these days, it’s actually hard to not have fun when sampling all the slots at your favorite bar. Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania 2, Gold Bar 7s, Smash the Pig, Vegas Classic, and Kitty Glitter are some of our favorites, but there are enough options to keep even the most avid gamer from getting bored!

The Slotdawg app conveniently allows you to identify all the venues nearest you that have video slots, so you don’t have to waste any time in bars and restaurants that don’t offer gaming.

How to enjoy the evening with your partner

Studies have shown that couples who complete “new and exciting” activities together are more satisfied. It seems that trying new things is often a great recipe for a happy relationship. We believe slot-hopping can be one of these fun activities! As you celebrate each other’s winnings and face your unlucky spins together, couples who slot-hop together stay together! By the end of the night, you should have a fun evening to remember forever and, hopefully, some new favorite spots to play video slots as well!

We wish you the best of luck with sniffing out a jackpot on your romantic evening of slot-hopping with Slotdawg! Tell us all about your adventures on our Facebook page!

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