Web Development

Developing a website from the ground up is much like opening your establishment:

You need to establish the proper infrastructure so the aesthetic elements you and your customers like to so much withstand whatever conditions befall you in the years to come. Web development is where design and development merge, creating a website that is user-friendly and suitable for the internet.

There are two prongs to web development: front-end development and back-end development. The development of front-end and back-end features is like a game of telephone: both sides communicate with each other to ensure the final product is a seamless marriage of the two.

Front-end development accounts for the visual interface of your website. Front-end development is the process of transforming data into the graphics and commands you interact with on your website through HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages. Our design team ensures execution of mobile-friendly, optimized websites that integrate with back-end functions.

Back-end development involves inputting code on the back-end of the website that tells the front-end what to show. Our developers will handle the back-end, inputting code, performing tests, and working with our lead designers to ensure both visions of functionality and aesthetic appeal come to life.

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