What’s It Like To Win A Jackpot?

How Would You Spend Your Jackpot Money?

Win A Jackpot

For many people, hitting a jackpot is a dream. We know it would change our lives, but the incredibly slim odds might make us think it couldn’t possibly happen to us. However, it’s important to remember that people do win jackpots. To give you a taste of what it feels like, here are some brief accounts of lucky slot gamers winning jackpots and what they did with their winnings!

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Lightning Strikes the Same Place Twice!

Obviously, many people win money on slot machines. Otherwise, nobody would play them! But to win big isn’t quite as common; that’s what makes these stories so fascinating. A Nevada grandmother managed to hit two million-dollar jackpots less than a year apart! Deciding she didn’t need to make any lavish purchases for herself, she paid off her mortgage and remodeled her home. Then she helped her children pay off their cars and set additional money aside for several relatives. She also took her family on a cruise!

This next story is even crazier. Though winning two million-dollar jackpots is unbelievable enough, what if we told you one lucky slot player took home a much bigger prize twice? In 1989, a Nevada slot gamer hit a $5 million jackpot. As exciting as that was, he had his sights set on winning the jackpot twice. Amazingly, he was able to meet that goal in 2005, when he hit another jackpot, this one totaling $21 million. As if the odds of this happening weren’t astronomical enough, this tireless gamer, now in his nineties, is aiming for a third jackpot!

Paying It Forward

One fortunate retiree in Mississippi has made great use of his riches upon hitting a jackpot in 2009. After winning $14 million, he indulged his love of vintage hot rods, decked out his man cave, and paid off his mortgages. He and his wife have also made generous use of their newfound wealth. They’ve used some of their money to help out their friends and loved ones, such as contributing to college funds and buying several new cars. It’s nice to see big winnings going to such a charitable couple!

Big Spender

Though we may not always admire the way some people spend their money, there are some cases where you have to be impressed by the person’s openness. After a Nevada man won a huge jackpot of over $10 million, he admitted: “I’ll probably spend most of it on alcohol, women and gambling. The rest of it I’ll waste.” In his defense, with that much money, he can afford to waste some of it!

Feeling The Jackpot Coming

As slot players, many of us can relate to the feeling that the machine we’re playing is somehow ready to put out a lot of money. Once we have this intuition, it can be hard to step away from the machine until you win something! One Pennsylvania gamer had such an experience with a slot machine. After playing it for several hours and winning some money, he kept going and eventually hit a jackpot of over $1 million! The only quote sources have from him is “This has changed my life.” I think most of us can understand what he might mean by that!

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