Year in Review: Biggest Slots Wins

Las Vegas casino in airport

Winning a jackpot is such a desirable event that it has made its way into everyday speech. The thought of becoming immediately rich is understandably appealing. Though big jackpots aren’t constantly won every couple minutes, it would be foolish to say they’re impossibly rare. People really do win big money playing the slots.

Keep reading to learn about some of the lucky people who were able to hit the jackpot at the slots this year.

Flying High

Biggest Slots Wins

Imagine you’ve just had a blast in Vegas, walking the Strip, seeing some shows. You’re waiting for your flight back home. Why not play the airport slot machine for a little while to pass the time? All of a sudden, jackpot! You’ve just won $1.6 million. This is essentially what happened to a Dublin, California woman this August. As crazy as it sounds, sometimes a $5 bet on a slot machine can multiply way beyond that. The life-changing game was a Wheel of Fortune Pink Diamonds slot machine.

Lucky Friend Jackpot


Biggest Slots Wins

In an especially peculiar story, a Florida man lost out on a big jackpot in January after he asked his friend to push the button on the video poker machine he was playing “for good luck.” Amazingly, the friend had very good luck, and the machine showed a $100,000 jackpot. Very unfortunately for the man whose $50 bet triggered the jackpot, casino management ruled that the money legally belongs to his friend, since she pushed the button. She quickly left with the money, leaving the unlucky man perplexed and angry. Not surprisingly, the two are no longer friends.

Little Bet, Huge Jackpot

Biggest Slots Wins

If only the return on investment from slot machine jackpots could be applied to other business models. A fortunate California man struck a $11.8 million jackpot this August. The kicker: he won all this money with a measly $3 bet. The generous slot this time was a Megabucks machine. This goes to show that some pocket change and some great luck can literally change your life.

Surprise Jackpot

Biggest Slots Wins

A Nevada man playing a progressive slot machine in September wasn’t initially aware of what he’d won, and after finding out was still in disbelief. When the machine started making noise, and staff rushed over to him, he learned he had won over $10 million. The millionaire-making machine was a Megabucks slot. Asked how he’s going to spend his winnings, the man replied, “I’ll probably spend most of it on alcohol, women, and gambling. The rest of it I’ll waste.” Not the smartest plan, but to each his own!

Turning Pennies into Stacks of Cash

Biggest Slots Wins

In what sounds more like a fantasy scenario than real life, a Phoenix couple playing a penny slot in June won almost $950,000. They struck gold while playing the Willy Wonka-themed penny slot World of Wonka. With that amount of money, the couple will be a lot closer to living in their very own Willy Wonka fantasy world.

Wheel of Fortune

Biggest Slots Wins

It’s been a good year for players of the Wheel of Fortune slot game. On top of the airport jackpot mentioned above, a New Yorker won nearly $1.2 million in January on a Wheel of Fortune machine. Just weeks later, the same game put out over $1 million for a lucky gambler in Vegas. It seems this machine is living up to its name.

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